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AVC Consulting has an individual approach to each client, and depending on the task and work the prices are different. You can find indicative prices in the text below, but they may not be relevant to a particular case.

Business consulting

  • Market research - we conduct market research on behalf of our clients 

  • European financing consulting

  • Creation of business plans and consultations - we create business plans and consult on business ventures our clients.

  • Management consulting - we consult managers and executives on different business cases in order to increase the profitability of their businesses.

  • Advice on real estate investments - we advise on real estate transactions

  • Preparation of financial models and forecasts - we can create financial models, budgets and forecasts of your business

Payroll and personnel

  • Payroll accounting - The company offers external payroll accounting.

  • Human Resources advisory - The company advises business owners on improving the productivity and retention levels of employees.

  • Recruitment services - The company offers recruitment services specialized in financial roles

  • Head hunting - The company offers head hunting of managerial and executive level employees

Accounting services - Operational accounting

  • Current and annual accounting - the company provides accounting services to more than 30 entities. 

  • Preparation and publication of annual financial statements - all of our clients trust us to prepare and publish their financial reports

  • Accounting consultations - we provide accounting consultations

  • Forensic services - we can investigate the financial statements of your company if you have concerns from your accounting.

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