Our Services

AVC Consulting offers accounting, advisory, tax and payroll services to companies, non-profit organizations, sole traders and self-employed individuals. 

Business consulting

  • Пазарни проучвания - от 300 лева без ДДС

  • Европейски проекти - По договаряне

  • Бизнес планове и консултации - По договаряне

  • Управленско консултиране - По договаряне

  • Консултации за инвестиции в недвижими имоти - По договаряне

  • Изготвяне на финансови модели, бюджети и прогнози - от 300 лева без ДДС

  • Преговаряне за финансиране от фондове и банки - По договаряне

  • Бизнес оптимизиране и бенчмаркинг - По договаряне

  • Изграждане на бизнес процеси и бизнес стратегии - По договаряне

Accounting services - Operational accounting

  • Current and annual accounting - the company provides accounting services to more than 30 entities. 

  • Preparation and publication of annual financial statements - all of our clients trust us to prepare and publish their financial reports

  • Accounting consultations - we provide accounting consultations

  • Forensic services - we can investigate the financial statements of your company if you have concerns from your accounting.

Tax consultancy

  • Filling tax returns - we are filling tax forms and tax returns on behalf of our clients

  • Tax consulting - we provide tax consulting services to clients to structure transactions in the most tax efficient and appropriate way

Payroll and personnel

  • Payroll accounting - The company offers external payroll accounting.

  • Human Resources advisory - The company advises business owners on improving the productivity and retention levels of employees.

  • Recruitment services - The company offers recruitment services specialized in financial roles

  • Head hunting - The company offers head hunting of managerial and executive level employees

We create an ecosystem from our customers

In addition to our services we offer, we try to create business opportunities between our clients, which fosters growth, development and better business prospects.